Photos of Nexus 5 with Android kitkat 4.4 OS leaked [photos included]


Who is next? Because it seems before something (phone, application, gadgets, etc.) is launched, pictures of it will be everywhere online before the launch date.
Well, Italian tech site Tutto Android seems to have overtaken the big G today in release photos of the nexus 5 running on the latest unreleased version of Android.
According to the blog, there are a lot of visual changes, but that’s not at all. Google is adding some new functionality to Android KitKat as well, including at least one really cool change coming to Google Now.

Here’s an easy to digest rundown:
– The notification bar is now transparent, and features white icons.
– The navigation bar is transparent as well.
– Also transparent, the app drawer.
– Widgets are gone from the app drawer, now available with a long press (again).
– The messaging and gallery apps are gone,
replaced by Google Photos and Hangouts.
– There’s a new phone icon.
– You can access the camera from the lock screen by pulling a small camera icon left.
– There are dots showing you which homescreen you’re on.
– You can add more than 5 homescreens.
– The new icon for the app drawer matches the Google Now bar.
– There are several new wallpapers.
KitKat borrows its boot animation of the
Google Play S4 and One.
You can say “OK, Google” from the homescreen to activate Google Now.

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