Pope Francis to make Instagram debut soon, read on.


Well, it is no news that the Catholic head, Pope Francis, is a fan of social media – He should be the most media friendly Pope ever. The Pope has stated and demonstrated time and time again that the social media can be a platform for propagating the gospel. The charismatic Pope already Tweets, and is set to establish his presence on the photo sharing, video sharing, and social networking service, Instagram.

We might not be seeing Pope Francis posting selfies of himself like other conventional users do. But we are sure of seeing pictures accompanied with thought provoking and Jesus Christ centered messages. According to our news source, ANSA, the news of the Popes intent was made known by the Prefect for Communications, Msgr Dario Viganò, to the Vatican radio. Also revealed by  the Monsignor is the date and name with which the Popes makes his debut on Instagram, The Pope will be going with the name Franciscus and will debut on 19 March; just two days away.

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Whether Pope Francis will pull a massive follower base is without doubt certain, considering his status in the Christian community, especially among the Catholics. Furthermore, the Popes fan base on Twitter which launched in 2012, currently has 8.87 million followers, so you see his going to come close to this figure or even surpass it.

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  1. Wow. this is beautiful, but will he have time to posting updates, or they will have someone doing those stuffs for them

  2. When he want speak with his followers he will make use of it so every body will see him and hear him well

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