Popularity Contest: Which phone brand is most popular in Nigeria?

Which smartphone brand is most popular in Nigeria?

This is a question most Android users will probably be arguing about, every now and then. There is no official statistics, which sufficiently answers the question; on which phone brand is most used in Nigeria, However, a tentative guess can be made.

It can be said that low-end phones sell more, especially among Nigeria’s growing Teens, Youths, Young adults and probably the old. These low-end phones always come packed with the basic features, a non-gadget freak needs.

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We will be giving a short story of the two companies we think can compete for the price of the most popular phone in Nigeria. They are Tecno and Infinix.

Before now I believed that Tecno products where more popular among the Android community. Considering the affordability of their phones, production diverse models (even if the only change was the name) which they had notorious reputation for. Well over time, we began to see Tecno put a lid on the number of phones they manufacture, it’s safe to say they are now more concerned with quality over quantity. Tecno famous phones of 2015 are Phantom Z, Camon C8, Phantom Z mini, Tecno H7, Phantom 5, Tecno L5, Tecno Boom J7, the list goes on (add yours in the comment box).

Then there is Infinix, a relatively new phone brand Nigeria when compared to HTC, Samsung, Gionee, Tecno. But that where the newness ends, as the company’s devices are sweeping through the market in a really fast way. Infinix phones seems to be all one sees nowadays, products such as Infinix Hot note, Hot note pro, Hot 2, Infinix Zero 3, add more in the comment box.

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Infinix devices inspired this post, and we hope to see which of their devices you use, how durable they are and if they worth; what they cost. Although there is this problem that is being reported about the Infinix hot note’s inability to charge after sometime. The Tecno H7 also has being reported to have such similar fault.

The purpose of this post is to compare Infinix and Tecno’s popularity, as well as compare the quality of their products. So Android users over to you, make use of the comment in listing the brand you think is most popular and which of their phones are most popular. Also, remember to rate the quality of the phone.


  1. its tecno..very durable and efficient than infinix…..infinix just as name thats all…..infinix is pretty cool i cant dispute dat bou os problems, charging point, sudden break down as not made it xo durable..


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