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Post Galaxy Note 7 : Samsung offers Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to customers who pre-ordered the Note 7


Samsung most certainly will be wishing that things did turn out the way they have with the release of arguably the most anticipated Phablet in the smartphone market. The Galaxy Note 7 launched hitch-free but in reality and real life use the device turned out to be more a heat generating device than a premium one. The Galaxy Note 7 repeatedly burst into flames at the hands of new owners,  this forced the South Korean company to recall the over 1.5 million units of the device already shipped. Yet the sacrifice and effort made by Samsung in recalling affected devices was not enough to correct the mistake as a replacement for the fire hazard batch burst into flames again this time on a plane while it was switched off.  After much consultations and fact finding, it became clear that the Galaxy Note 7 was still unsafe. The South Korean had to halt the production of the Galaxy Note 7 and recall every unit of the device already sold. Heartbreaking indeed, majorly for the producer in that the company has lost a huge sum invested in researching and developing the Note 7, sustained negative brand damage and lost money in adverts,  recalls and reproduction of the Galaxy Note 7. It is heartbreaking partly for consumers because we did not get to enjoy a device replete with high-end features.

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That said, Samsung is all about salvaging their good name. And the company has started that on a good note by offering consumers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7, either of the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Those who do not want the S7/S7 Edge will be giving a refund. This offer is currently on for Indian consumers who preordered the Note 7. Meanwhile, the company should be through with the retrieval of Note 7’s as they have sent out anti-combustion box to be used in retrieving the Note 7. Hopefully, these measures will help mitigate any damage to the Samsung brand beyond 2016. The electronics giant will have to settle with ending 2016 on a bad note and falling short of their financial and shipping forecasts.

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