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How to recover/restore deleted Whatsapp messages


Nowadays, whatsapp has been included in the daily activities of so many individuals all over the world. Everybody uses whatsapp to chat with their friends, family members, classmates, and even a business man makes use of whatsapp application to send some Immediate message to his clients, as individuals are more lively on WhatsApp application rather on any Social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter.
This means that there may be numerous change of messages on WhatsApp day by day.
So what will happen if you mistakenly deleted your whatsapp chats database?

How to recover/restored deleted whatsapp messages
If your whatsapp message was deleted through this process:
1. Go to the Settings of your Android device, then tap on Applications Option after which lastly click on on Whatsapp option.
Just click on Clear data after which there would be warning message on display screen, Click on OK at the moment. Now all your data on whatsapp is deleted.

To recover/restore the messages:
1. Launch your
Whatsapp messenger application. Since you eliminated all of your saved information on whatsapp, you’ll be welcomed with whatsapp Configuration Screen.
2. Configure the Whatsapp once more by entering your phone number.
3. As you enter the phone number, message “Backup Found“ will appear on display screen. Just click on the Restore button.
4. After clicking on Restore button you’ve successfully restored/recovered old messages in whatsapp. Depending on when it was last backup Whatsapp will restore your messages.

Whatsapp automatically backup all chats by 4:00 AM daily.

NOTE: Do you know that whenever we view pictures or download videos on our Whatsapp messenger app first it get saved in our Phone memory after which we see it on our display screen. So, in case you’ve closed the whatsapp that doesn’t means the picture or Video is deleted, it is stored in our android phone.


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