How to root Tecno N7 using SuperOneclick and Unlockroot downloader


Just the other day I published an article on this blog titled ‘What is Android Rooting’ and its a must read article before you start the procedure on how to root Tecno N7 because on that article I explained what android rooting is and the advantages and disadvantage of rooting an android device.

Lets proceed, Tecno N7 is one of the series of Tecno Android phones that has caught the attention of mobile phone users. Tecno N7 runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice-cream OS and has 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM.

NOTE:Before you proceed, Rooting voids the guarantee place on the device by the manufacturers, so you are responsible for your actions.

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Just follow the steps below to
1. You will need the following to start rooting:
Download SuperOneClick Here
Download UnlcokRoot Downloader
– USB cord
– PC and definately your phone

2. Install the two applications on your computer, after installing connect your Tecno N7 to your computer using a USB cord and enable your phone in debugging mode to put your Tecno N7 in debugging mode simply go to Settings >Developer Options > Debugging > USB Debugging.

3. After connecting, the drivers of your device will be updating, put if it now open the SuperOneClick application and you will prompted to install device drivers. Then click on “Yes” to install Tecno N7 drivers on your computers. After installing your drivers you can now disconnect your device and reconnect it back to the computer and you won’t be asked to install device drivers.

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4. Now open your SuperOneClick application on your computer if you have not opened it yet then if click on the “Root” button in the application after it has finished rooting your Tecno N7 you will be notified. The restart your phone. Do not disconnect your phone.

5. The launch the second application you have installed which is the Unlock Root Downloader, then click on “Root” button in the application. Normally you will be told that your device have been Rooted but ignore this warning and continue with the rooting and when you will be notified when its done.

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6. Then you can now disconnect your Tecno N7 from the computer and restart it and your Tecno N7 has been rooted.

Kindly download some apps such as “Root Checker” which is to check if your device has been properly been rooted and also a “Super User apps” to help you customize your Tecno N7 easily from Google play store.



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