Rumour: Samsung will merge its flagship series Galaxy Note and Galaxy S+ into one series


Samsung is thinking about creating a single product line of flagships. It will include top-end smartphone from the Galaxy S+ and Galaxy Note series. For the South Korean giant, taking this step was spurred by the desire to reduce the costs associated with the release of these models of smartphones. Recently there has been a drop in profitability from the company’s flagship devices. According to the results of the second quarter, the smartphone maker recorded a decrease in revenues by 40% compared to the first quarter of this year.

Galaxy S9

It is interesting that the debate on this issue has been going on within the company for a year, but the parties involved have not come to a conclusion. And this year, such a merger will not happen because Samsung has already announced the release on August 9 of Galaxy Note 9, and Galaxy S10+ is scheduled for a February unveiling. For many, such a step looks logical and obvious, the Plus-version of the Galaxy S series in its characteristics and dimensions is in many respects similar with mobile phones from the Galaxy Note line, and the key difference is the support for a stylus pen. Without a doubt, the revision of the model range of flagships and their positioning will spur the company and the announcement of the foldable Galaxy X early 2019. There is speculation that the final decision will be made on the results of sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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