Samsung Galaxy Golden, Another Dual Sim Screen Flip Phone


Samsung Galaxy Golden, Another Dual Sim Screen Flip Phone

Samsung Galaxy Golden, Another Dual Sim Screen Flip Phone

We do not know why Samsung is getting infatuated with the flip style of smartphones. Back in the days, the flip phones were quite awesome and were the devices of the moment but since the advent of the smartphones which have rather taken to the qwerty keyboards and touch screen style especially, the flip phones went into oblivion … or did they?

When Samsung announced the Samsung Hennessy, tech critics thought the Korean company just wanted to seem relevant and make headlines but with the Samsung Galaxy Golden headlining Samsung’s range of flip phones, Samsung definitely has the flip up its sleeves.

The Samsung Galaxy Golden has some specifications and features that aren’t all that strange but is unique in its own smart way.

Asides, the flip uniqueness, Samsung while unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Golden, let us know the Galaxy Golden will be coming up with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will be running on 1.7GHz dual core processor.

About the screen and display of the Samsung Golden? The Galaxy Golden houses two 3.7-inch Super AMOLED displays AMOLED displays usually have an 800 x 480 resolution.

The Golden equipped with an 8MP camera isn’t so special as that is the trend of new smartphone cameras now.

Also added to the new Samsung smartphone are standard TouchWiz interface, which the company has improved with S Health (and a pedometer function), business card recognition, easy mode and even an FM radio for your listening pleasure just incase you get bored of your MP3s.

Lest we forget, we didn’t speak of the obvious … the Golden will come as a Dual Sim flip phone giving you choices amongst various network providers in your region.

Concerning price, just like gold, the Samsung Galaxy Golden will be on the high end and is reported to cost $710, which is approximately N110,000.

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