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Samsung Galaxy S10 series news round up, everything you need to know to get excited of about the device like we are.

specifications and pricing of Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+


Samsung’s current generation of flagship phones are less than four months old at this time but have already been forgotten by many smartphone enthusiasts. With the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+, Samsung chose to recycle the Galaxy S design of last year. That might have insignificant if the company offered more than incremental improvements to the features of the phones to encourage people to upgrade, but unfortunately, that was not the case. As a result, sales have been very slow. With the series of celebrity influencer posts from Nigerian celebrities promoting the S9 and S9+ to their audience. One would have an idea that the phone has struggled to make the type of sales it is used to in Nigeria. Three of the four largest wireless service providers in the United States reduced the prices of the devices within a month of its launch. The poor sales dragged down the otherwise impressive second-quarter earnings of Samsung in no small way. With the unimpressive performances of the latest Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung will be looking to other flagships (Galaxy Note series) to balance the scale in their favour. Fortunately, the South Korean company has other successful series yet to launch its latest offering as well as thriving component business to help offset the impact of slow sales of flagship phones. It is expected that the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will debut at a press conference on August 9 is almost a clone of the old block, as it will sport the Galaxy Note 8 design last year with a new S Pen and better specifications. That said, the future holds some promise for Android enthusiasts and Samsung as well. As details suggest that the future Galaxy S10 will be the most exciting new smartphone that Samsung yet. A new leak this Monday has revealed new details about one of the most intriguing new features of the Galaxy S10+ model.

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samsung galaxy s10
Samsung’s Galaxy S10 line is perhaps the most anticipated smartphone series in 2019 at this time. With each passing day, different news leaks are giving us a clear picture of the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy S10. We expect three new Galaxy S10 models to be released early next year. According to reports, there will be a Galaxy S10 main model, a lower-cost entry-level Galaxy S10, and then a larger Galaxy S10 + phablet to complete the trio. And as expected, it is the Galaxy S10 + that is expected to be the most exciting of the group. It is rumored that the Galaxy S10 + has many new features in common with the smaller Galaxy S10 model, such as a new Infinity screen design with smaller bezels and an optical fingerprint sensor embedded under the screen. But the main device in focus is the Galaxy S10+, which expected to be the configuration of the camera, which will help separate the phablet from the package and probably help justify a very high price tag. Previous information on S10+ had suggested that the Galaxy S10 + would sport a new triple-lens rear camera setup, but it was not clear exactly what the third sensor would bring to the table. Now, a new report from The Bell (Korean Business news website), could finally shed some light on the unique configuration of the Galaxy S10 +’s rear camera. In addition to that, the report suggests that the phone will also have two front cameras, which will increase the number of cameras in the phone to a total of five. It also notes that the Galaxy S10+ will sport a dual lens camera setup that is similar to the one currently found on the Galaxy S9 +, however; it will add a new wide-angle lens to the mix. Quoting the news source almost verbatim, The Bell reports that we can expect a 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens for optical zoom and photos in portrait mode, and a new 16-megapixel wide-angle sensor. The report states that the main wide-angle camera has a 77-degree lens, while the new wide-angle camera will have a 120-degree viewing angle.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

According to the report, the configuration of the front camera in the new Galaxy S10 + will be similar to the one we have already seen in the Samsung Galaxy A8 smartphone. It will have a standard camera sensor and a secondary telephoto lens that will enable selfies in portrait mode with a blurred background similar to what you would see in photos captured with a DSLR. It’s the same effect that Apple introduced on the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, and we’ve seen it replicated on dozens of Android phones since then. It is reported that Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 line will be released sooner than expected next year. The devices may debut at a special press conference that will hold during Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019. Samsung’s new Galaxy S phones are usually released in February at the annual Mobile World Congress, but the company is introducing a third new flagship phone series in Barcelona next year, the Galaxy X folding line.

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