Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen now on Play Store as an app


According to sammobile, The lock screen that Samsung uses on TouchWiz is one of the more flashy ones among the different manufacturer skins, and now all android users can have the lock screen from the Galaxy S4 on any device, Samsung or non-Samsung, thanks to a new app called Galaxy S4 Lockscreen that has been launched on the Play Store.
The app will replace your default lockscreen, and imitates the lockscreen found on the Galaxy S4 quite well. You have the ripple and light effect for when you put your finger on the lockscreen (with each having its own set of options, such as ripple or blue rings for the light effect, ink color customization for the ripple effect), support for app shortcuts, custom fonts, and personal and carrier information as well.
I tested the app on my Nexus 4, and it worked extremely well, with smooth animations without any hiccups. It’s all a bit too flashy for me, and it also means having to give up lockscreen widgets, but if you’ve been clamoring for some of that ripple and bubble action, well, Galaxy S4 Lockscreen is an app you definitely want to take a look at.
Hit up the source link to download Galaxy S4 Lockscreen from the Play Store. It’s free (supported by ads), and doesn’t require root access.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Lockscreen

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  1. This Lock screen beautifies phones like that of S4. Giving everyone the feeling of Excitement as if you are making use of Samsung Galaxy S4. What a feeling. I like this lock screen

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