Samsung Galaxy S10 may ditch iris scanner for in-display fingerprint and 3D facial recognition


The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are surely not going to be released this year, as they are already scheduled for 2019 launch. But alleged features and specs of the smartphones have started surfacing, with the latest being on the Galaxy S10.

According to a report from the Korean newspaper, The Bell (in Korean), Samsung is allegedly ditching the iris scanner on the smartphone in favour of an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 3D sensor. This report is based on the fact that the South Korean smartphone giant has not yet  ordered a sample iris scanner for the Galaxy S10 prototype from its security parts manufacturers.

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The Korean newspaper also confirmed the codename of the Samsung Galaxy S10 – Beyond. And further stated that the Galaxy S10 Plus will feature a 6.3 inches screen, while the Galaxy S10 will sport a 5.8 inches screen. Suppose this is correct, then there will be no difference between the Galaxy S9 and S10 in terms of screen size, only 0.1 inches wider than the Galaxy S9 Plus.

This new information on the change of biometric security isn’t much of a surprise. Though effective, the current Samsung’s iris scanners are not efficient, especially in low lighting conditions and when the user wears glasses. Apple’s Face ID is accepted to be much better, regardless of the conditions, and other people just prefer the regular fingerprint scanner. The introduction of in-display and a 3D sensor will save the company some expenses that may be spent on iris sensor for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. The money I’d better yet redirected to the new 3D sensor which according to reports, Samsung is working with an Israeli-based firm, Mantis Vision, on the project.

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For a phone scheduled for 2019, it’s too early yet to tell which specs or features it may be coming with. The report even said that Samsung may revert back to the iris scanner if it faces any problem incorporating the in-display sensor or the 3D sensor with the phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the tenth in the Galaxy S line-up and the South Korean giant will want to be special, hence, the need for no avoid any sort of specs error.

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