Storedot Charger Re-Charges Your Battery In 30 Seconds!


How far will technology go? This is the exact question i asked myself when i got the news of a ”30-Seconds” charger that’s been developed. Sounds impossible , right?.

StoreDot , an israel based startup , recently unveiled a ”30-Seconds” Charger at Microsoft’s Think Next conference held on monday in Tel-Aviv , Israel.

According To StoreDot this charger is capable of charging a smartphone from 0%-100% within Just ”30-Seconds” after it is connected to a smartphone. How Is This Possible?

The startup is working with tiny particles of an organic material called peptides, which are molecules of amino acids, the building blocks of all life. (StoreDot’s research is based on discoveries made by scientists at the Tel Aviv University that were studying Alzheimer’s disease.)

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Peptides self-assemble in tiny spheres of about 2 nanometers in diameter that exhibit some remarkable properties, including the ability to store a lot of energy for a brief period.

StoreDot essentially found an affordable and efficient way to create organic quantum dots. You may already be familiar with quantum dots from Sony’s Triluminos technologypresent on the Xperia Z Ultra, Z1, and Z2, which allows the display to show richer color compared to regular LCD. But Sony’s inorganic quantum dots are toxic, expensive, and hard to manufacture. StoreDot doesn’t have the same drawbacks.

What StoreDot did is create a battery made of alternating layers of organic quantum dots and conventional lithium electrodes. Acting like a supercapacitor, the organic layers are able to store energy in as little as 30 seconds, and then slowly release it to the lithium layers. From there, the device draws the energy it needs from the lithium layers, just like on a regular battery.

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StoreDot used Samsung Galaxy S4 To Test This latest invention..

Storedot Charger Re-Charges Your Battery In 30 Seconds! 1

Image : Samsung Galaxy S4 With Low Battery Power

As You Can See , The battery is Low , Just before the charger was plugged in..

Storedot Charger Re-Charges Your Battery In 30 Seconds! 2

Image : Samsung Galaxy S4 , Fully Charged By Storedot’s Charger

The Charger was plugged in and as you can see , the phone is fully charged about 30-Seconds after charger was plugged in.

Currently, the device is closer in size to a laptop charger than a smartphone charger, but the company says it expects the final product will be about the size of a typical smartphone battery.

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Storedot Charger Re-Charges Your Battery In 30 Seconds! 3

Image : Backview Of Storedot Battery Charger.

This innovation is still ”Work in progress” and is expected to hit the market late 2016. The price is also expected to be moderate , maybe thrice the amount of usual battery charger.

Whats your take on this?. As for me , this is a welcome development , especially in nigeria where the power supply is epileptic. This innovation will favour blackberry users the most , @least it will stop them from been ”Wall Huggers”. :D

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