Technology Trends of 2018 to Look Forward To!


The new year frenzy is still on for tech trends 2018 and it promises to be super exciting and a major year in the technology world. Tech geeks and gadgets enthusiasts witnessed a lot of innovations in 2017 from various original equipment manufacturers in the mobile world and the electronics and tech world as a whole. Ranging from new brands of smart smartphones with outstanding eye-popping features, smart wearables, fitness gadgets, Apps to ease daily lifestyles and lots of other inventions, we at Android Nigeria cant help but look forward to the trends and tech developments that lies ahead for the year 2018.

Starting with the CES 2018 at Las Vegas which will set the pace of tech trends in 2018, this yearly event that brings manufacturers and tech enthusiast with partners together will showcase the 2018 devices and gadgets , whereby all brands will come together for a week long to portray their new inventions and how it can ease the digital lifestyle of the world at large.
In the year 2018 we are hopeful the 5G network will be launched for fast and seamless internet operations, although the 4G is been running by some service providers its not available to all and sundry, and whilst we look forward to the 5G it may not necessarily be launched in Nigeria but other developing countries can definitely boast of it before the second half of the year 2018.

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The internet of things, this exciting innovation although being tested already we see it at the fore-front in tech trends of 2018, this invention features automatic switch on and off of home devices and gadgets,( maybe workplace too), security cameras that recognizes you, your voice and fingerprints and automatically unlocks the door for you, switches on your gadgets amongst other fancy stuffs.
In tech trend for 2018 we also anticipate UI overhaul, the user interface for 2018 will further enhance the way we interact with our apps and devices this will see to the launch of smart speakers and visuals, although we have devices that have the fingerprint and eye sensor unlock features, we look forward to a smarter feature we can further adapt to as long as they effectively serve our tech cravings.
Seamless conversation will redefine our communication as it concerns voice, instant messaging, video calls and the likes ,this will be made possible via voice search and recognition that will enhance a more sophisticated continuing cycle.

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In 2018 data overload can not be wished away as most companies in going digital wants to harness the commoditization of consumer data, in essence data collection is going to be of top priority whereby a lot of jobs will be enhanced via digital awareness and marketing which will invariably improve smarter work output.
These are a few of our tech trends of 2018 , not limited to this but we want to be fascinated and surprised at so much more , we at Android Nigeria forsee a tech year that is going to be great for programmers, developers, engineers, healthcare, tech enthusiasts and the consumers, as we gear up for a new generation of internet. Although we can not be precise on how fast these trends will catch up with us for manifestation neither can we predict the capacity of gadgets and devices , nonetheless we are super-duper excited there will be an increase in tech exposure and infrastructure……lets keep it real as the tech trends of 2018 unfolds.

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