Tecno Android Lollipop Update – What you Need to Know


Image : Tecno Boom J7
Image : Tecno Boom J7

Ever since Android 5.0 Lollipop was announced last year , A lot of  Tecno Users have asked when their smartphone will receive the Update. Yesterday , Android Nigeria had a chat with the Deputy Manager of Tecno Mobile, Mr Chidi Okonkwo and he revealed a lot to us.

What You Don’t Know About Software Updates

Churning out a major software update on a smartphone is not as easy as connecting your phone to a charger. There is a lot of work and time involved.

There are two types of software updates.

1)Minor Updates

2)Major Updates.

•Minor update fixes already existing bugs on that software / Os.

•Major update is more like a serious overhaul of the Operating system.

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Whenever a Smartphone manufacturer gets a new Android Version(Major Update) from Google , the Engineering team will have to tweak the Os and test if it can work effectively on already existing smartphones. The Hardware plays a key role in determining if a Smartphone will be able to run a new Os. If the hardware is not compactible , then there will be no software update for that device. An incompactible Os can cause a Smartphone to misbehave and even crash.

This whole process takes a lot of time and this explains why some phone manufacturers may be slow in pushing out updates.

Will TECNO Rollout Android Lollipop Update On Their Smartphones?

Yes they will  , But All Tecno Smartphones may not get this Update. The Engineers at Tecno Mobile are working to see if Android Lollipop will be compactable with Tecno Phones If it is , the some selected Smartphones will get the update soon.

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When will Tecno phones get Android Lollipop Update?

We dont know yet , Mr Chidi didn’t give a specific date. But we should expect an update in the Next Few months.

What To Expect From Tecno This year

This year , TECNO’s main focus is Music and this explains why Tecno Boom J7 is all about music. Moving on , a new flagship Smartphone is expected to break cover in the coming months with some mouthwatering specs. (wait for it , I can’t tell you details yet :D) The flagship Smartphone will still focus on music but on a much more bigger scale. Also , we are expecting a tablet from Tecno before the year runs out.

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Will we See a 3GB or 4GB RAM Smartphone from Tecno?

Yes you will! Very soon! Tecno’s flagship Smartphone for 2015 is going to be Powerful. That’s all I can say for now.

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Keep Calm and Love Android!!

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  1. Tecno phones cannot receive updates…. Its only the Tecno Camon that will receive an update… And its a minor update… Please buy an infinix to get software updates and never a Tecno. All they will do is produce a new type of phone with same name and hardware but updated software. They want you to buy a new phone every time… F*ck them…

  2. #Roy You’re on point. I regretted ever wasting my money in purchasing their products, they’re the laziest company, their engineers are just there doing nothing if at all they have any. I think itel is even better than so called tecno …. Tecno I rate you zero

  3. How to wipe cache partition on M7 Tecno phones. I have attempt to open my phone by pressing and hold Volume down and the power button. When the screen opened it was in Chinese language, so is there anyone who can help me?

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