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Tecno phantom AIII launched yesterday November 25


Tecno Mobile announced launched Tenco Phantom A3 yesterday at Lagos.  Though the Full specification and price of tecno phantom AIII hasn’t been disclosed to the public. We will update you immediately the full specification is announced and will try to get my hands
on it as soon as possible for better personal review.

Here are pictures of Tecno Phantom A3 Event yesterday

Mr Chidi, GM Tecno Nigeria and Mr Arif paying attention.
Mr Arif Chowdury, the vice president of Tecno Group giving
his speech.
Refreshment Time
Teju Babyface the anchored the event
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Ikechukwu MaxkDAVE

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  1. I really love what tecno mobile is doing, giving everybody the chance to own a smart phone expecially with android OS. Bearly 2 weeks after I bought my tecno phantom A3 which is my first tecno phone even though I’ve bought tecno phone for all my family members, I’ve being seeing some limitations in it.
    * the OS is not upgradable to latest OS
    *It cannot play certain format of songs and videos
    *The apps transition style can’t be change
    *I don’t really think the camera is 13MP and 8MP as claimed
    * Both sim can use 3G. one will be on 3G and the other on 2G
    Please not you can prove me wrong on all the limitations posted here. All I was is how can I improve my phone (tecno phantom A3) Thanks

  2. Hi ademola. As at now i cant confirm all the points you’ve mentioned but i can confirm the first one you said about tecno os. All tecno android phones can’t upgrade their operating system so its a general issue. This is the first complain i’ve heard of the tecno phantom a3 , i’ld try to contact tecno an i’ld get back to you.

      1. Shush! what loss? guy no know how to download VLC or any other video playing app, ditto music player. DOesnt know about downloading new launchers and obviously can’t understand what is meant by 3g on both sims

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