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Top 3 Android Mobile Security Apps You Should Use


Your phone is not just for calling and texting friends. Modern smartphones are part of most of what we do – we use them to work, browse the internet and even pay our bills. Because your phone has so much sensitive information on it, you want to do everything to ensure the data stays protected. So, should you add security apps on your Android phone and if yes, then what are the best ones to consider?

Are mobile security apps really needed?

The debate whether security apps are needed for mobile phones has been raging on for a long time. However, the technology and the app development have changed quite a bit and the consensus is moving towards the necessity of adding a mobile security app on an Android.

The first big driver is the fact that security apps have improved. They aren’t going to make the phone as clunky anymore and some are rather good at actually stopping viruses and not just taking space on your phone.

However, the other big reason for the change is also the explosion of mobile malware. Hackers have clearly moved focus on just attacking computers and laptops to taking advantage of all sorts of devices, including smartphones. Therefore, you do want to consider security apps in the modern age.

What do Android mobile security apps do?

Of course, different apps have different features. Nonetheless, most security apps include tools that help filter files to remote locking or wipe data. They are also scanning anything you do on the phone to identify if a malicious file is entering the system.

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You can find apps for Android for free, but paid apps are also available and occasionally offer a bit more features. Most free apps are only free for non-commercial use, so remember to check for business solutions if this is what you need. When you are browsing for business security solutions, be sure to visit for discount codes – the platform has opportunities to even upgrade your Android phone for less.

But like with most apps, there are also bad apples out there. You shouldn’t ever just download an app without doing a bit of research first. So, check for reviews on sites like Android Nigeria and ensure you are using a verified security product.

The top 3 Android mobile security apps

So, what are the apps on the market that are worth getting? Here are the top three products worth checking out.

Avast Antivirus & Security

Avast Antivirus & Security is a solid security app for Android phones and the best part is that it’s free. Furthermore, it’s not one of those free apps that actually require payments at some point – you get everything for free.

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The antivirus protection scans your apps to give you more information on what the apps are actually doing on your phone and its data. It also has a web shield to scan URLs for malware. You can also add additional tools for free – these range from blocking callers to adding a PIN lock to your private apps.

You can also use the app to control network traffic in case you have a rooted device. It’s possible to block Wi-Fi or network access for certain apps

The app is a great option for those looking for basic security. It’s easy to use and it has a solid track-record of stopping malware.

Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

Another app with a great track-record is the Sophos Free Antivirus and Security. Again, the app is free to use and it comes with plenty of features to keep your Android phone safe.

The app will scan your phone, covering the installation of apps, as well as any existing apps you might have. It also scans the storage media regularly. In addition to these features, you’ll also get loss and theft protection and support for wiping or locking the phone. Sophos also has free features to help you block spam numbers and you can contact their customer services for more security advice.

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Another positive note to the phone is how it doesn’t have any ads – no cluttering your phone or compromising the speed.

Avira Antivirus Security

Finally, you could download the Avira Antivirus Security on your Android phone. The app’s basic version is available for free but you can also opt for a premium version. However, if you are just looking for something to use with your smartphone for personal use, the free version is sufficient.

The app scan your apps for any malware and it automatically scan through new downloads as well as updates. The basic version also has plenty of extra features such as anti-theft tools that can help you wipe the data or trigger an alarm. One of the best features is the safeguard tool that informs if your e-mail account or address has been leaked or compromised.

As you can see, the basic version has plenty of great features. If you opt for the premium version, you can enjoy anti-phishing protection and get a bit more support in terms of using the app.

If you are looking for protection for your Android, you should definitely opt for one of the three apps above. They will all help keep your phone and its data safe.


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