Twitter makes user blocking, muting and reporting simpler than ever with these steps


Without question, a youngster can say we all live in the social media age, some are permanent residents of various social media platforms as they are perptually active doing one thing or the other on these sites. Twitter is one of those popular social media websites that a good number of us have accounts on, so this info on Twitters new privacy and security features is gonna be mighty helpful, read on.

“Twitter is home to an amazing diversity of ideas, opinions and beliefs”, in this regard, Twitter has come up with ways everyone can have a great Twitter experience and have control over their Twitter experience as well. These new ways are regular features/tools which Twitter have made more accessible on their website interface and mobile app for all platforms; the features are not accessible via the mobile Twitter website.

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The new steps makes the block, mute and report features made more accessible. The names of the features are pretty much self explanatory, the block option simply restricts “people from contacting you or seeing your Tweets when logged into Twitter. When you block someone on Twitter, they cannot follow you or send Direct Messages. If they @ mention you, you will not see a Notification”.


The mute option hide’s another person’s Tweets without them being notified, the cool side of this feature is that it is totally private.


The report feature, reports a person and their annoying Tweet to the authorities, who will instantly take down the Tweet and possibly punish the individual by suspending/ banning their account after they have been found guilty of violating Twitter’s rules and regulations. Obviously, the cool thing about these features is the anonymousity it offers blockers, muters and reporters, this will go a long way in reducing cyber bullying and having a timeline free of annoying Tweets, cheers. In addition, the features are now easily accessible.
Making use of these tools is pretty simple, all you need do is scroll to the Tweet of the person you want to mute or blockbor report, long press it and you should see mute, block or report options starring at you, what to do is entirely up to you. As stated earlier these features are live on Twitters website and app across all platforms. Individuals accessing the social media site via the web on a mobile will have to do things a little bit manually, as users will find options to report a Tweet or simply cancel their action, this implies they will have to block people from their profiles like before. When the mobile users will see this update is unknown, however, you can access it using mobile browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome broswer, your device native broswer etc. These browsers are known to open websites in PC mode, so this should solve the issue.

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That’s all on the new Twitter tools, what do you think about them? Do you think people may abuse it? Share your thoughts in the comment box.


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