Twitter reveal measures taken against terrorism


It cannot be gainsaid that the web has made the world a global village, messages, opinions, news and stories now take seconds to make rounds the world over, and like everything man-made it comes with its own disadvantages. One of them being the circulation of fanatic messages, aimed at polarizing susceptible minds into violence.

The recent spate of violent attacks orchestrated by terrorist group ISIS, has surfaced the need of fighting terrorism through  virtual (web) and physical measures. Various web-based companies have not only pledged their support but also rolled out strategies they would be taking in fighting terrorism.

Twitter, in a bid to contribute its quota in fighting the use of the web and social media sites as a store front for selling fanatic ideas to people, have being banning accounts that support or preach violence. According to Twitter, more than 125,000 accounts have being discontinued in the past 6-7 months, for promoting terrorism and terrorism- related activities. The social network further revealed that it has increased the number of staff on its monitoring and response team during the aforementioned period, hence an increased efficiency in their response rate.

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Furthermore, Twitter made disclosed that it has teamed up with multiple organizations working against the circulation of radical content on the web. Among the organizations Twitter is partnering with are People Against Violent Extremism, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, as well as domestic law enforcement. Twitter laid emphasis on their commitment to finding a balance between people expressing their opinions regardless of how offensive it is and sanctioning accounts for tweeting extremist content.

Source: Reuters

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