Update : Innjoo’s Lagos Office Has Been RE-Opened – Here’s What Actually Happened


Innjoo has released an update on their office which was reportedly shut down by NCC. In a press statement sent to AndroidNigeria , Innjoo confirmed that they had issues with NCC and also revealed what actually happened.

Trinity Mall , Home to Innjoo’s Office In Lagos , Nigeria.

Innjoo’s latest smartphone , Innjoo Fire , was the cause of their dispute with NCC. According to Them,

“Recently , we introduced Smartphones and Tablets into Nigeria Market. We recently launched Innjoo Fire while its certification was still under application , since we were eager to provide better products to our fans. This rarely happened before and we are patiently solving this certificate issue”


Innjoo’s Lagos was re-opened yesterday , 15th July 2015 and activities have fully commenced. In order to makeup for lost time , Innjoo will not observe public holidays declared on Friday 17th of July and Monday 20th of July 2015. Their office will be open during that period and Innjoo fans can take their phone for repairs.

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Here’s the full press statement sent to us :

Innjoo Press Statement

“There have been brief quotes reported by several media that Innjoo Lagos Office at Trinity Mall , Ikeja has been shut down by NCC. These quotes lacked the necessary context and caused confusion with our concerned groups including our Community , members of the press , our partners and our fans. We are aware that the conjecture and unexpected closure and suspension of business have prompted a great deal of anxiety for which we apologise. Hence , we would like to make a statement to clarify the situation.

Recently , we introduced Smartphones and Tablets into Nigeria Market. We recently launched Innjoo Fire while its certification was still under application , since we were eager to provide better products to our fans. This rarely happened before and we are patiently solving this certificate issue. We sincerely appreciate our fans and their support towards us in this trying business period.

Innjoo is always open to Social Supervision and Different Opinions. Our Lagos Office in Trinity Mall has been OPENED on 15th July 2015 , and we need to inform you also that in order to provide best service to our partners and users the Friday 17th and Monday 20th declared by the Federal Government as holidays will not be observed by us in order to deliver prompt service to you and to serve you better.

Innjoo has been and always will adhere strictly to the lay down laws governing business in Nigeria. We will continue to provide cost effective products. We are also committed to bringing the latest technologies and user friendly software service to our users. whats is more , we will keep listening to our fans to meet the market demands in Nigeria.

Your support for our current challenges are deeply appreciated and your satisfaction is our strong motivation to move forward.

Innjoo , Be You.

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  1. My touch pad phone is not pressing and have try to repair it but can’t get it repair…can you help me with it?

      1. Pls o, there is this football game that works on infinix note but does not work on camon c8, WE2011, can i get the same version of the app that is compatible wt c8?

        1. Hey,
          Based on my knowledge that’s not done anywhere. At least it is not done by Innjoo. The only popular phone outlet that runs an exchange program sometimes is slot. They value your phone and you sell it to them and then purchase another.

  2. Hi, my innjoo fire touch pad is not responding and I’ve been calling innjoo hotline but all I’ve got so far has bin nonsense replies. I was told to wait for 2 weeks, I waited and called them they still told me to wait for another 2 weeks. Please, come to my aid because I can’t even operate the phone at all. I’ll be grateful if I can receive an email on when to bring it.

    1. Hi Kazeem, sorry about the recent development on your phone but unfortunately we are not in partnership Innjoo. We can’t possibly tell you when you are expected to go for repairs but it’s best you visit their headquarters (Address at the post content above). They will fix it for you.

  3. I am from Kano state my F2 innjoo 10.1 inc tablet screen break which i purchased on jumia a couples of months ago, kindly direct me to appropriate place near to me to fix it for me

    1. Currently there is no innjoo office in Kano. its advisable you send your phone with your jumia payment receipt through courier service to innjoo head office in Lagos for repairs. I believe your warranty might still remain intact.

  4. I downloaded an update for my innjoo one and during installation of the update, it failed and my phone has not come up since then.

  5. i have an innjoo f1 tablet and accidently my screen and got broke, and i am basing in kano state so i call jumia to inform that i want it tobe repaired so the gave innjoo customer care number to call and them so that the will permit to come and collect the phone from me, i all do that and no is done for past four month

  6. My injoo andriod has charging point isiue den i took it to an engeneer at ikeja, after him fixing it den i took it home and i notice the speaker is not working again and the mouth pix and vibration are not workink anymore, and the guy cant fix it again, spoit my injoo.

  7. They be making fake phones so in a space of 3months u be back for repairs.the worse is the screen it’s too fake and expensive to replace ….innjoo Pls improve the quality of your products

  8. pls my innjoo one charging port in not working,i have done it before and it develope fault again and it is still under warranty.i want to ask if innjoo can do it for me free again?

  9. Am using Innjoo Fire… its a super cool device I must confess, until it slipped off my lap and the screen cracked… then video started hanging after I pause videos a few times( which will only continue when I do a restart) some apps like Google play store will stop working when I try to open… then its display started minimising by its self after using it for a while…… finally, I will have to find time to visit Trinity Mall at Ikeja to get it fixed…. but I still like my Innjoo Fire phone.

  10. hello innjoo…my innjoo i2s got stolen yesterday at the mall which I bought November last year…is there any way of tracking it down?…thanks

  11. I want to buy innjoo note e battery please if you have call me. 08162671674

    or SMS me because I may not find this place again

    u can also send me your office address at ikeja so that I can go and buy it there

  12. I need an injoo fire battery asap as mine is swollen.. No one seems to sell it. Is there a number I can use to call Injoo office to confirm? Thank you


  13. Hi innjoo, am having problem with the screen of Mi max2plus,Hw can I repair it pls send me d address of ur office…

  14. pls can i come over to injoo office for the repair of my phone, it has not power up after charging this morning?? pls reply asap

  15. Please, I use an innjoo f2. Recently my camera stopped working, I have tried factory settings but now the camera app is no longer listed in the app list

  16. Great deals on Jumia now available for your valentine date. J-FORCE SALES CONSULTANT – Call: 08067314599

  17. Hi, My innjoo max 2 fell into water and the screen got spoilt, is the lcd available in lagos and can it be repaired at their office, I tried the number I saw Online but its saying nonsense… Pls I need a reply urgently because I need to repair the phone this week… Thanks

  18. i want to know d price of leap4 tab LCD price. it got broken 2weeks after purchase, so wanna know how much it will cost me in case warranty policy doesnt cover d screen before traveling down to lagos state all because of d repair


    1. Hello Azeez,
      Youu can contact the innjoo home in Lagos. below is their contact details:
      InnJoo Home – Lagos
      Add: 1st Floor, Trinity Mall, 79Awolowo Way, Ikeja,
      Lagos, Nigeria
      Tel: 08184366068 07000466566
      Work Time: 8:30-17:30 (Monday to Friday)
      8:30-12:00 (Saturday)

  20. Am having problems with my Innjoo Max 2plus battery bought my phone just two weeks ago and nw it doesn’t charge more than 82% with even dat it runs down faster, and I’m trying to call there service center but not reachable am demm disappointed dnt know what to do.

    1. Hey,
      Have you tried contacting Jumia? Jumia is an official distributor of innjoo devices. They will be a good position to render assistance, if your phone is still under warranty. if your device is not under warranty you will be asked to pay for repairs or battery change. Other than this, your either call innjoo office in Lagos or seek the services of phone engineers in your locality. here is Jumia’s no. 01-4604400 or 0700600000. Do share your experience with us; it will help other phone users and buyers out there. Goodluck.

  21. please where can I find Innjoo max2-plus pouch????because it’s invisible in Lagos and i ll also like to change my phone case

  22. am david by name, i live in apapa, my innjoo one phone has problem, where is your office so i can come fix it

    1. Hello Ginola,
      You can contact the innjoo home in Lagos. below is their contact details:
      InnJoo Home – Lagos
      Add: 1st Floor, Trinity Mall, 79Awolowo Way, Ikeja,
      Lagos, Nigeria
      Tel: 08184366068 07000466566
      Work Time: 8:30-17:30 (Monday to Friday)
      8:30-12:00 (Saturday)

  23. I mistakenly poured super glue on my power button…how can I make the button soft again???

  24. My innjoo max2 screen is broken and it is no longer responding, I am from kano so how will I get it fixed or replaced and how much will it cost me

  25. i cant unlock Fifa 14 in android.
    when i press UNLOCK or Purches exiting,then show “sror is error, n install google play survice…..”

    I have also install SetDNS.
    bt again show that massege.
    so what can i sollition

  26. hello dear innjoo, my favorite innjoo note battery is bad, please how do i get it? cant find it on any of the sites like jumia and all sorts. can i bring it to your office and how much does it cost?

  27. plz my injoo fire plus battery jst got swollen nd i nid a new asap,so wher can i get it at lagos.

  28. Is there a way i can get innjoo note battery shipped to my location directly from innjoo store?… Jumia and konga dont have the battery in there store

  29. my innjoo f2 screen just got crack, pls I am not in Lagos how can I get it and what is the price

  30. hello innjoo plz I have a problem with my innjoo fire plus 3g the screen and touch pad are not good plz I want to know if the screen and touch pad is available and how much does it sell for I need it like today and tomorrow plz help. thanks

    1. InnJoo Home Locations

      InnJoo Home – Lagos
      Add: 1st Floor, Trinity Mall, 79Awolowo Way, Ikeja,
      Lagos, Nigeria
      Tel: 08184366068 07000466566
      Work Time: 8:30-17:30 (Monday to Friday)
      8:30-12:00 (Saturday)

      Add: TDPlus Limited No 5 Redemption Crescent
      Gbagada, Lagos
      Tel: 08129851226

      Add: TDPlus Limited 22B Old Aba Road By Artillery
      Junction, Port Harcourt.
      Tel: 08129851229

      Add: TDPlus Limited 20 Port Harcourt Crescent Area
      11, Garki Abuja.
      Tel: 08129851227

      Add: TDPlus Limited 16 Otigba Street Computer Village,
      Work Time: 08024798392

      Add: TDPlus Limited Hotel Presidential, Presidential
      Road Independence Layout, Enugu
      Tel: 08129851240

  31. I bought my Inn Joo Fire phone through Jumia and now the battery is swollen, i cannot use the phone for now, i contacted TDPlus office in Port Harcourt, they referred me back to Lagos, i called the service centre they said is not available for now that i should call back in 2 weeks time. please i need the battery ASAP where else can i get it. Thank you

    1. I am unsure of your chances of finding an Innjoo battery outside their repair centers. I will advise you wait out the two weeks and then get the original battery for your device. You can try if you have the patience to comb the repair centers in your area.

        1. You can do that at an Innjoo service center nearest to you. What is the name of your home state? Look through the comments above, you will find a response that contains the list of Innjoo service centers in Nigeria

  32. ink just displayed on my innjo halo nd d Display is not clear.plz i stl have warranty left what should i do

  33. have been looking for way to get innjoo fire gold battery but cant get it where can i buy the battery from

    1. Hi Spencer, your best chance of getting the battery is from the Innjoo service center in Lagos. Look through the comments above you will find there contact number and address.

  34. Your comment.. urgent help my innjoo one 3G, does not store charge. please what can I do.

    1. Hey, the battery can only be purchased from an Innjoo store. Here is Innjoo’s ABUJA OFFICE
      Address: TDPlus Limited 20 Port Harcourt Crescent Area 11, Garki Abuja.
      Telephone: 08129851227

      1. Thank You Sir.
        Please I will like to know the reason why the Innjoo 1 phone is a good phone to buy.

  35. Pls, I need an into fire battery. I went to there office at trinity Male at ikeja and I was told to come back two weeks time. Its two weeks now and I call the customer care, they are given me another two weeks again. Imjoo abeg don’t let me fiance vex for me ooo. Am planning to propose to her very soon. Infact the phone is her birthday gift.

  36. Good pm, I just wanna know if there is any innjoo office both in Edo and Enugu state. Rex

    1. Hey Rex, there is no Innjoo office in Edo state but there is am innjoo office in English, according to the Innjoo official website. Here is the address to the Enugu office Add: TDPlus Limited Hotel Presidential, Presidential Road Independence Layout, Enugu
      Tel: 08129851240

  37. pls how do i open d innjoo fire2 3G back cover to knw where to insert d sim nd external card pls,i don,t understand d phone nd is it that d 2 sim are mirco sim,pls i need steps to take

    1. Sorry Iman. Were the repairs carried out at an Innjoo service center? if yes, sadly that’s about it for your device as they should be in the best position to fix the problem. If no, I advise you take it an Innjoo service center.

  38. my injoo 1 charging point is on flex any help to buy the complete flex with the charging point

  39. Pls my innjoo fire ba3 got swollen….where can i get a new one and for how much? And one navigation key of d three in my phone is nt working, like how much can i repair dat?

  40. Your comment..please am in kano,I have my innjoo tablet which has a screen problem can I do way bill

  41. please am in kano my injoo one 3D screen is broken can i do a swap?if yes and how much can i add for the new phone.also the year of warranty. please i want to know before coming down. dont refer meto call centre the number isnt going and the other no one is picking the calls. thanks for understanding.,

    1. Hey,
      The screen can be replaced at an Innjoo service center, so check out the service center nearest to you OK the list posted in the comments above. As for phone swap, Innjoo does not offer such services. I will advise you have at least 10k when going to the service center

    1. Hey,
      Innjoo spareparts are rarely found/not sold in common place shops. You but shot at getting a replacement is to visit an Innjoo service center nearest to you. You will the list of service centers in comments above

    1. Hey,
      You can only get the accurate price of the screen in question at an Innjoo service center. I advise you go to the nearest Innjoo service center in your area for repairs and inquiry.

    1. Hey Benjamin,
      Innjoo has no service center in Benin. The Innjoo service center nearest to you is in Lagos. Visiting them may not be the best as regards cost. I will advise visiting Omegatron at the mall of America in GRA, Benin City or a Slot outlet at Ekhwuan Road. These phone stores should have competitent phone technicians who can fix your device.
      Best of Luck in fixing your device.

  42. i’m having a serious problem with my innjo one 3D, d phone is been bad for some weeks now with no remedy. the battery is drained off,,,and whenever i boost d battery and fix it in, it drained off automatically. please whats d way out???

    1. Hey,
      Your phone really needs to be attended to by technicians. I will advise you take the device to Innjoo service center nearest to you. Look through the comments above to find the Innjoo service center locations. Al the best.

  43. I purchased an Innjoo fire phone and now the screen is broken and ink appears on the screen too. I have tried but there is no screen here in Umuahia
    .What should I do, I need help urgently. I can’t even see half of wat I do with my phone. I would be grateful if you answer via my email too, thanks alot

    1. Hello,
      Look through te comments you will a list of Innjoo’s service centers in Nigeria. Look for the service center nearest to you and take your phone there. Good luck with your device.

  44. Am Larry from Lagos,i have a little problem wit my phone innjooT1 d battery is bad and the glass got broken,pls how much is the cost?

  45. hello
    please is it possible for me to swap my innjoo max 2 plus for a max 3 and like how much will it cost me.thank you

  46. please i want to change my innjoo 1 changing point computer is not seeing it only charging where can i take it to please.

    1. Hello,
      You do not need to change your charging port to make you device visible on a computer. All you need to do is purchase a quality USB cable, your current USB cable is most likely sub-standard. I hope this helps.

  47. How can I get my Innjoo note pro screen touch replaced. For the pass 4 months now that I have been looking for the replacement, still I can not get it. Please help me out. I live in Lagos

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