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Your child’s digital reputation plays a huge role in shaping their personality directly and indirectly. It is a parent’s responsibility to guide their kids about maintaining a positive digital conduct. To help your child build an appreciable digital reputation, here is what you can teach them:

1.     Digital Reputation Stays Forever

Your child’s digital reputation comprises of the content they create online or by the comments they make on different posts. It includes all the information about your child which is available on the web. Remind your kids that in the current landscape of technology and social networking sites, they leave their digital footprints everywhere and that content stays on the web forever. What your child posted once on social media, can turn up several years later too.

2.     Digital Reputation Influences Their College Admission

Educate your child that anything they post online can be seen by professionals who may judge their digital reputation as commendable or condemnable for college admissions. Many college applicants get rejected based on their poor portrayal of values and morals on social networking sites. Parents need to make sure that their kids are aware of the dos and don’ts of social media before stepping into the digital world.

3.     Digital Reputation Can Become a Source of Embarrassment

Your teenager may not realize that the content they post on social media can be accessed and critically analyzed by their mentors, bosses or office colleagues even in the future. A digital slip-up in teen years can hurt their reputation, once they enter their professional lives. For instance, if a person’s office colleagues find out their explicit pictures which they may have sent to someone as a teenager, then the digital reputation can become a source of embarrassment.

Use Parental Control App for Android

Discussing, warning and talking to kids about upholding a healthy digital reputation is not enough. Managing a positive conduct online is a huge task and kids often don’t contemplate the long-term effects of their actions.

Parental Control App for Android

Parents need to stay involved in monitoring their kid’s social media conducts and etiquettes. To accomplish this task, parents can take help from a valuable parental control app for Android such as FamilyTime Android Parental Control which lets parents stay updated about app usage frequency and installed apps on their child’s android device.

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  1. I loved the idea of this app after I read the article as indeed kids are so much addicted to their devices and post lots of stuff online. It may play a bad trick to them in the future. I gave a try to this app but was disappointed as it has lots of very useful features but most of the time they work not correctly and it is very frustrating when the time comes to managing your kid’s device. That is why now I use Kidslox, that has nearly the same features and you are always sure your child is not going to post anything bad online.

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