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How Wema Bank Is Inspiring Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs


Wema Bank prides itself as being passionate with the creation of wealth and delivery of safe, convenient and trusted banking. This is proven in a resilient move to keep reinventing the bank’s image with innovative landmarks and a digital frontier.

Wema displayed this DNA of springiness with the launch of Nigeria’s first digital bank – ALAT. By latching on to the digital train, the bank scaled the limits of commercial and retail banking and delivered on its promise of applying technological innovations to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving market.

In January 2019, Wema announced that its mantra for the corporate year is ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’. The statement stands as a homily of the bank’s resolve never to stop creating and innovating working solutions for its growing customer base. This does not fall far from the bank’s motto which – With you. All the Way – a testimonial to the fact that through the challenges of their daily businesses, Nigerians can rely on a bank that is in sync with their dreams and aspirations.

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In light of the ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ pledge, Wema bank launched a social media campaign with a call-to-action that reminded Nigerians of the things they are passionate about and won’t give up doing. The conversations raised during the campaign further buttressed the understanding that, individually or collectively, we can only win when we refuse to quit – an impactful message for Nigeria’s millennials. Though subtle in the manner the message was relayed, the campaign marked a step towards promoting a never-say-die spirit among young Nigerians.

Wema Bank Hackaholics

Running along with the never-say-die chronicle, Wema Bank is launching its very own hackathon – Hackaholics. The tech event is designed to attract start-ups and tech-enthusiasts to brainstorm and program solutions for society’s problems. For the bank, Hackaholics represents that unmovable desire to invest in a community of innovators and creative thinkers that will solve tomorrow’s problems today.

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From 29th to 31st of March 2019, programmers, web designers, coding experts, graphic designers and other creative minds will tackle problem areas, strategize and develop solutions workable in dealing with financial, institutional and everyday problems. Winning solutions will gain the opportunity of being incubated and turned into marketable applications. Through Hackaholics, Wema will inadvertently create wealth, improve skills, impact software technology, and inspire a winning spirit among youths.

Beyond the hackathon, Wema Bank remains steadfast in its bid to conscientize young Nigerians on the positivity that lies in staying inspired, motivated, addicted to innovation and change creation.

For more information, follow Wema Bank on its social media channels on Instagram and Twitter @wemabank or visit

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