Whatsapp hits 1billion monthly active users.


Instant messaging service provider, Whatsapp, has announced that the company has reached a 1 billion monthly active user milestone. Yeah!, one billion, according to the statistics released by the company, this accounts for nearly 1 in 7 people on earth, who use Whatsapp each month.

This without doubt a big milestone for the Facebook owned company, considering it took the company seven years to garner this number of monthly active users. WhatsApp announced back in September that it had reached 900 million active users, which implies that it took around 5 months to add another hundred million to that figure.

The instant messaging service recently dropped all fees for the service, citing inconveniences in making payment for the service and other points as reason behind their dropping yearly subscription fee. This spike in monthly users might be as a result of the removal of subscription fee.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp is not the only service hitting the 1 billion monthly active user milestone, as Google has also announced that their Gmail franchise has reached 1 billion monthly active subscribers. Gmail has being around a bit longer than Whatsapp, making the latter’s achievement even more impressive. Google also has a messaging service similar to Whatsapp, called Hangout.

source: whatsapp blog


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