Fix WhatsApp SMS Verification Failed

WhatsApp Sms verification Failed Error occurs when you’re trying to verify your phone number on whatsapp

If you’re getting

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Whatsapp SMS verification Failed

error when trying to 

Verify WhatsApp Number

, here’s what to do.

•It could be that your phone number wasn’t properly typed. So please ensure your phone number is 100% correct.

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•Also. this Error is caused by poor network connection In your area. If you’re using a 3G connection , it is advisable to switch to WiFi because WiFi connection is stronger.

•Ensure you are using the current version of WhatsApp. If you aren’t then you should consider updating your messenger.

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•If after everything , you’re still getting

WhatsApp SMS Verification Failed

, Reboot your phone. After rebooting your phone , open your whatsapp and select Request a Call as verification method.



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