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Where to repair infinix phones in nigeria


Image : Broken scrren
Image : Broken scrren

Did you crack the screen of your infinix phone? or did your infinix phone suffer technical damage? You can easily get them repaired at carlcare service center. Carl care and Infinix signed a partnership. so all damaged infinix smartphones can be repaired at carlcare service center.

Carlcare Service Center / Office Location in NIgeria

Yo can walk into any of the centers listed below from 9am – 5pm (monday – friday) , 9am – 2pm on saturday.

Address: 2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State
Tel: +234 80022752273
Victoria Island, Nigeria

No.55,Kofo Abayomi Avenue Apapa,Lagos.
+234 8091339530
Address: No 25, Beirut Road, Kano, Nigeria

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Tel: +234 8096969680
Tel: +234 8177250277
Add:44B New MarketRoadOnitsha,1st Floor.
Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadon, Oyo State, Nigeria

Tel: +2347027104664, +2347066085854

Address: 1st Floor, 16 Gwani Street, off IBB Way, Wuse Zone 4, FCT, Abuja

Tel: +234 8181176195
Port Harcourt
Address: No 290 Aba Road, Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria
Tel: +234 9099515582

Address: G5/F6 Ya Ahmed House,3rd Floor,Ahmed Bello Way,Kaduna

Tel: +234 9095724673
Address:No.5/7 Isekhere Street,off Ibewe Road,Ring Road Benin City.

Tel: +234 8172951002

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  1. hi kizzy about this infinix phone tablet we have 2 in my family one got cracked crashed screen and the other one damaged sim1 slot. when I got to CarlCare Kaduna they said each repair on infinix costs N9000= meaning that to get the 2phones (both Infinix Zero 2gb ram nd 32gb rom) fixed, I have to cough out N18000= and you guys are talking about free Infinix repairs at CarlCare????!!!

  2. Just bought an infinix Zero 2 X509 phone about 4months ago; the problem is with the contacts which display ” unfortunately contact stop”. and I can’t search nor call.

  3. I Took My Infinix Hot2 That Has Chargin Problem There On saturday And They Told Me Is #10,600 To Repair It… Can U Imagine?! 4 Wat.. I’ve Nt Even Enjoy De Phone Upto 5 Months…

  4. i bought my infinix hot note on d 12 of december..@garrison for 35000 in rivers state…2months later it refuses 2 boot and i went 2 their office to complain ,and i was told 2 pay 10100 to repair it, while d waranty is still their…

    1. So sorry. Normally you should have warranty covering the expense of your repair. Perhaps it does not apply for your device. Anyways, I hope the repair fexed the problem permanently.


  6. I have an infinix joypad10 x1000 with broken screen. My valuable data are inside please how do I replace the broken screen. Already beyond warranty.

    1. Hi Akeem,
      You have to take it to an Innjoo office in your area. Here are the addresses of Innjoo service centers in Nigeria.
      InnJoo Home – Lagos
      Add: 1st Floor, Trinity Mall, 79Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
      Tel: 08184366068 07000466566
      Work Time: 8:30-17:30 (Monday to Friday)
      8:30-12:00 (Saturday)
      Add: TDPlus Limited No 5 Redemption Crescent Gbagada, Lagos
      Tel: 08129851226
      Add: TDPlus Limited 22B Old Aba Road By Artillery Junction, Port Harcourt.
      Tel: 08129851229
      Add: TDPlus Limited 20 Port Harcourt Crescent Area 11, Garki Abuja.
      Tel: 08129851227
      Add: TDPlus Limited 16 Otigba Street Computer Village, Ikeja,Lagos.
      Work Time: 08024798392
      Add: TDPlus Limited Hotel Presidential, Presidential Road Independence Layout, Enugu
      Tel: 08129851240

      1. Hi, please I need your help I bought an infinix note 3 and I saw an hide app on it and I hide some of my app on it and after that I can’t find the hide app on my phone any more please I where can I find the app on my phone thanks

        1. Hello, from my experience I will say the app is revealed by dialing a code on your phone dialer. I am not certain but that is most likely the case. I will suggest you search for the features of the app on Google that will give you an idea of how to go about it. This suggestion will work only if you know the make of the application.

          If you don’t, I will suggest you go to play store, first take an inventory of the apps in your phone that are visible. Them go to play store, move to the my apps section and click on installed apps. You should see the names of all the apps on your device, including the hide app. Afterward, follow the first instructions above. If you can’t find it,I suspect you have a ransomware on your device. I hope it’s not. All the best. Keep me posted.

  7. I really like to know d use of warrant , my brother phone Hot3 of one month and my zero2 has charging problem, I went to Carl care centre to complain and they ask me to pay 30k for Hot3 and 18k for my zero2 in kano.

    1. Hey,
      If memory serves right, a warranty lasts for one year or six months after purchasing a device. Warranty allows you to repair the device for free or get it changed if the phone should develop a fault that was not caused by you.

      I have used Infinix Zero 2, and when it became faulty due to my rough handling of the device. Nevertheless, it was repaired for free at a Carl care Center in Benin city. Going by this, your device should be repaired for free for the first time. If this is not the case, the repair price should be reasonably lower than what you were charged. Although, the cost of repairing device’s at Carl care recently went up, it should not be this expensive. Quite recently, a friend of mine went to fix his CAMON C8 panel and he was initially charged about 14k, upon returning to fix it the price was increased quite significantly – I can not recall by how much.

      So try out another Carl care repair center if there is any close to you. If not I will suggest you go to a slot shop, they have competent phone repairers there. I repaired my Infinix device the second time it got spoilt there. I hope this was helpful. Best of luck.

  8. am using infinix zero, nd it’s way past its warrantee. I need to change both the screen and body of the phone. you think it’s possible? because am still enjoying my fone

    1. Yes, it is very much possible wit your money though. So have it in mind that you are most likely going to pay for the services.

  9. I have an infinix note 2 and the battery drains down severely eg yesterday I charged the phone to 100% and use the phone to chat for only 3 hrs and it switched off I don’t understand the problem of the can I repair it

    1. Hey,
      A simple battery change should fix the problem. Your complaint suggests that your battery cell is weakness therfore, changing it is the best action to take. If this does not solve the problem perhaps your devices battery connector is faulty but that’s left for the technician’s to confirm. Hope this was helpful?

  10. please help, I had low battery yesterday 1% I managed it to call last night afterwards I put off the phone .I have tried to charge it today it’s not coming up. its infinix hot note.

    1. Hey,
      The problem with your phone is common with batteries that have been drained. I will advise you to ascertain if the phone connectors are still good. try charging the device with a different charger. Indiana addition, charge the battery with a desktop charger (this has always solved cases like this) If none of these suggestions work. Your next action should be to take the device to a Carl care center for diagnosis and repair. Good luck

      1. Hi, my wife’s phone infinix just had a broken screen. She bought it two months ago. Please how much will this cost and where is the best place to repair it? Thanks

  11. I have an infinix zero 2 but the problem is that the internal screen got cracked and it stopped working is it possible I get it fixed, what is d price and how long with it take. Have a lot on that phone dat I can’t let go. Thanks

    1. Hey,
      It is possible to get it fixed, thanks to Infinix repair center, Carl care. How much it cost to fix the device will be communicated to you at the Carl care center you visit. As for duration, from experience, I will say the repair will be done within a week. However, you may be told that the device will be fixed within a month.

  12. Please my Infinix zero 2 suddenly went off and won’t come on anymore, how do I get it to come on, cos I have some valuable information in it

  13. as i try to charge my infinix hot note it discharges…now it has fully discharge and wont come up again… pls wat is the solution..the phone is now dead and would neither charge nor come up…wen i try to on it….

    1. Hey,
      Obviously there is a problem with your battery or your battery connector. Whichever one, you have to take the device to a Carl care center nearest to you. They are more equipped to diagnose and repair your device.

  14. Goodeveing. Please my infinix hot 3 just fell off my hand. The phone is on but does not display anything… Can I take it to calcare for repair???

      1. Good day, I bought my infinix note 3 early dis yr, wenever it phone rings with earpiece in it n I removed it to receive call it will go silent…what could be d cause…my phone has been silent for d past 3weeks now, but if I put earpiece it will vibrate n ring …kindly assist

        1. Hi,
          Sorry to hear that. Going with what you have complained about, I will say your device is having a hardware & software glitch. It should be a problem with your headphone jacket. Your device is unable to detect when a earphone is plugged into the device or not. However, a proper diagnosis will be best done by the professionals at carl care. Please visit the nearest Carl Care for the best service

    1. Hi Archimedez,
      If I got your question right. You want to change your phones camera because it is poor. If this is the case, it most likely won’t be possible because your device is not a modular device. Therefore, does not produce upgraded parts for it.

    1. Hello Ife, you can visit for assistant or visit the nearest Carlcare to you for assistance. Thanks.

  15. Good morning, My infinix zero 2 goes off and on whenever it likes. I am not enjoying the phone again. I really don’t want the so call road technicians to touch it. All necessary and personal updates I have don’t,problem persist. To make the matter worse, no carlcare service centre in Jos where I stay. Kindly assist, how do I go about this repair. Due respect sir/ma.

  16. @akinola kindly visit any of these collection point in Jos …
    Bulletz Plateau Jos NO.20 Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos, Plateau, Nigeria +2348108680010
    Twins Phones Plateau Jos NO.11 Ahmadu, Bello Way, Jos, Plateau, Nigeria +2348033712681
    Living Spring Plateau Jos NO.21 Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos, Plateau, Nigeria +2348035598120
    Triple C Plateau Jos NO.17 Ahmed Bello Way, Jos, Plateau, Nigeria +234802228825

  17. Hello i bought my infinix hot 4 i try updated it but it keep on failing. I will download the update successful but it will not install it keep on saying erro. Please what should I do. I live in kaduna

  18. Please my phone is infinix X506
    I have battery challenge, I reside at Masaka, KARU LGA Nasarawa. What shall I do to solve the issue?

    1. Visit the crl care center closest to you. Look through the comments and you will find a response that contains the locations of Carl care centers in Nigeria.

  19. Pls my infinx phone got smashed and the screen is cracked…. It has also affected the cameras both front and back camera are no longer working. How much I use to repair it?

    1. Hello,
      We can not give an accurate estimate because we don’t offer repair services. Moreover, some factors are considered before you are charged at a Carl care center. Top on the list is if this is your first repair if it is your device may be repaired for free or you will be given a subsidized fee. Other than that, you will be charged separately for the repair of the phones screen, and camera’s. If I should make a guess, your bill will be upwards of #20,000, yikes! Anyways, do take the device to a Carl care center for professional repair. I hope this helps. Best of luck.

  20. Each time i plug charger to my phone it will charging on and off, try several charger but still d same thing… Pls help… And how much will it cost to repaire

  21. My infinix hot note battery is swollen, perhaps due to the fact I charged it for almost a year with Tiger generator. Hope I can get a new battery at a modest price?

    1. Oh sorry to hear that. You can definitely get a new battery; however, the modesty of the price depends on your financial capability. Anyways, when you get another battery ensure you avoid overcharging the device.

  22. hi! my infinix hot 3 fell down and the screen gt crashed, tho the touch pads are working perfectly plz how much can I repair it? just bought it 7months ago.N.B Dis is my first repair. thankx

    1. Hey,
      Your phone should still be covered by warranty given the fact that it has not been used for one year. I recommend you take the device to a Carl care carrier for repair. They are the official repair center of infinix phones

  23. I bought Infinix zero 6months ago…..just a week it fell down and damage screen …..been to places they said the screen is not on sale ….what should I do to fix it? I stay at owerri IMO state!

    1. Go to the Carl care shop nearest to you. Look through the comments to get the address list of the Carl care centers in Nigeria.

  24. Yes, am having the same problem bt my own battery is built-in, I hope it can be removed and changed, am also having a screen problem, something like Rambo start showing on my screen since yesterday nd now is has been expanding on the screen. Pls wats d cause of it nd wat should I do?

    1. That is not possible. You can do so at a slot mobile outlet. They run such programs every now and then.

    1. You can only get that information at a Carl care center nearest to you. Look through the comments above for the locations of the Carl care centers in Nigeria

    1. At any Carl care center nearest to you. Look through the he comments for the list of Carl care centers in Nigeria

  25. Hello… I bought my infinity hot 4 lite Jan. It hasn’t even used two months and the earpiece is malfunctioning. It started like 3days ago, I will only hear wat the person on the other side is saying if I put it on speaker. Is there any thing I can do on my end to make the earpiece work? or I have to go to the carlcare centre? I just feel it’s too soon to be encountering problems.

  26. My Infinix Hot 4 charging point got damaged recently and the phone is not even up to a month old with me. This is the first repair I would be doing. Can I get the repair for free, and where

        1. Hi Emma,
          No! It can happen to any smartphone. I once had the same issue with my Innjoo Fire so I had to buy a new battery from innjoo office at Ikeja to fix the problem.

          1. Yeah, such things can easily be fixed in Lagos, here in abuja we only have packaging and misfits everywhere. Thanks

          2. Where there is a problem, there should be a solution. Maybe the people of Abuja are waiting for you to start a phone clinic of sort. :)

  27. I once had a tecno H6 that tried to frustrate my life… 2 months never pass, charging port die, then later on camera issue, and a charging hardware bug, all in less than a year! It was carlcare’s 13 month warranty that helped

  28. I use to delete this app whenever i see it in a phone, i just uninstall it. I don’t really know the essence of it up until today

  29. please I have infinix hot 4 for and after plugin d phone it was displaying factory mode. then it went off and refuse to power power wen I took it out for repaire they said d panel is already damage. pls hw much is new panel for hot 4 finer print. and hw do I get it. am in abuja.

  30. Please my infinix hot 5 lite just fell from my hand and broke after one month of purchase.. will it be changed for free.. if yes where can I change it. I reside in port Harcourt. thank u

    1. Hey,
      Sorry to hear that. The screen should be replaced for free as the device is still within the standard warranty period . Go to the nearest Carl Care center in your area for repair. Carl care is the official repair center for Infinix devices.

  31. Please does anyone know if I can take my infinix hot shower phone to infinix office. I had charging port issues but I gave it to an engineer in my neighborhood. Seems the guy just spoilt it the more. Do you think it will be acceptable if I take it to infinix office?

    1. You have tampered with the phone so you have void your warranty. They will surely accept it but with a fee. And it would be fixed properly with guarantee.

  32. please my infinix hot 5 I bought Thursday fell on Sunday morning with screen broken will I be charged for the damages where can I repair it

  33. My infinite zero fell down and the touch screen stopped working. Can’t it stil be repaired because infinx zero is not longer in the market. Kindly advice pls.

    1. Of course, it can repaired. Take the device to the Carl Care center nearest to you. They are the licensed repiarers of Infinix devices.

  34. plz I bought infinix note 4 pro, is not up to 4months now and it displaying on the screen ” System up insn’t responding ” plz how do I go about it am really not happy because I have not enjoyed it.

    1. Hey,
      Sorry about the device. Sometimes smartphones go bad for no reason. Since your device is relatively new, you have nothing to worry about. Take the devoce to a Carl care center nearest to you and it will be fixed for free. Usually, the first repair is covered by warranty.

    1. Hi,
      This is the address to the Carl care office in Imo. Ground Floor, No.20 Mbonu Ojike street, Ikenegbu, Owerri, Imo, Nigeria +2349081941110/9081941111

  35. pls my infinix hot s refuse to charge up, i have change different charger pls where can i take it to in port harcourt bought it from jumia not up to 1year
    pls need a reply

    1. Hi,
      Sorry to hear that. You can get your deviced fix at the Carl Care centre closest to you. Carl Care is the official service provider for Infinix devices.

  36. Pls I went to change my infinix hot S charging point because it is having problem. In the process my network antenna was punctured. it was replaced but since then my network has been bad. I can’t browse on 3G in my house again,i can only browse on 3G outside my house . I can do all this before I repaired it. plz is dere a solution. Can Calcare correct this

    1. Hey,
      Sorry to hear that. Yes, Carl care is your best option. Please visit the center nearest to you.

  37. hi,

    Please my Infinix hot S X 521 is having technical issues and needs to be fixed, i reside in Lekki is there any repair centre close by and any other places that can repair it, also the phone number displayed for Lagos is incorrect

    1. Hey,
      Sorry to hear that. At the moment, there are just two Carl Care offices that I know about in Lagos. The first is locate at 77 Opebi Rd, Opebi, Ikeja
      Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM
      Phone: 0813 861 5848

      The second office is located at Carl Care Victoria Island Lagos
      Cell Phone Accessory Store
      Lagos · 0806 615 3123

      If you cannot get to these locations because of the distance then I would recommend that you visit a Slot mobile shop in you area. Normally, every Slot Mobile shop has experienced mobile engineers. That said, Carl Care is the best option considering the fact that they are the official repairers of Infinix devices and the possibility of having your device repaired for free if your device is still under warranty.

      Best of luck.

  38. Hi my infinix hot 4 battery is draining too soon, once switched off at any battery percentage its gets drained on off, 100% full battery gets drained in less than an hour, do yu think the battery is weak and need a change? Or I should flash it first?

    1. Hello Folashade,
      Sorry for the tardy response. The problem you described suggests that your battery is faulty and needs to be replaced. Kindly take the device to the carl care center nearest to you.

  39. Hi, my resume nfinix zero 4 has a very big issue now. The phone fell from my hand and ever since the screen sometimes will display and sometimes not except I hit it so I took it to carlcare and told me it’s screen, but they couldn’t fix it. So my brother took to another repair outlet and ever since it refuses to display. Please what can I do where should I take it to, cause during the course of getting the phone fix sm1 told me it’s the ICU and I don’t get really need Ur help the phone is still working well cause if I put my Sim card call do enter

  40. My infinix x5lite screen is broken and is still under warranty , 100days broken screen warranty

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