White Nexus 5 To Be Released November 1 ?

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White Nexus 5 To Be Released November 1 ?

It’s been an interesting weekend for Android lovers. Our favorite gadget leaker has provided another treat, this time sharing a press shot of the white (well… black and white) Nexus 5, along with a possible release date – “11/1”. Today, the device that just-wont-stop-leaking appeared in a white color option.

It looks like last night’s press shot of the Nexus 5 from @evleaks wasn’t the only morsel of Nexus news we were meant to receive this weekend, after all.

However, there is one difference, only the back of the phone is in white while the front remains black. Looks pretty cool doesn’t it?

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There is also one more juicy bit of information and that is a date of November 1 was revealed. We can only assume this is the date that the Nexus 5 will become available, but it could be just the announcement date. It could also mean the announcement and the launch because Google could make it available in the Play Store immediately after the announcement.

But will it be available at launch? According to @evleaks, the white render came with a date: this Friday, November 1st. Take it as you will.

When we’ll hear official word about the Nexus 5 (white or otherwise) or KitKat is still up in the air, but an October 31st (or thereabouts) announcement is sounding more realistic by the minute.

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  1. When will it be available in Nija mkt.? that is what is important now. just leave every other matter. The question is , is it in the mkt now and how much? Today is 4th , people like me are running out of time.

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