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Writer Apk: turning your thoughts into text


Writer is a writing application without a word processor which is developed by James McMinn . It’s so simple and easy to  use with a file size of less than 100kb even the smallest of Android smartphones can use it.

One awesome reason why I use writer is its ability to autosave any article you are writing on.

The Autosave features on writer app is automatic, it doesn’t have a switch for that so you don’t worry about switching it ON or OFF. You can be assured that your write-up is safe anytime you mistakenly close the app.


Writer is perfect for everything that involves writing from taking notes in meetings, writing an article (like am what am doing), to writing a novel on your phone or tablet.
Writer’s philosophy is Keep It Simple. Writer tries to be as basic as possible, giving you somewhere to turn your thoughts into text. Nothing more. Nothing less.
According to the developer, future versions of Writer will allow you to select a custom directory, share
documents through email, and synchronize your documents using Dropbox and


– All lists automatically format the next list item
– Numbered lists keep count of list items
– In case of no title, first line of document is used
– Document statistics: word and character count
– Reading time now shows seconds


# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3
You can do *italic*, **bold** or even ***both***!
  +   Writer does lists too!
  +   Weee!
  –   They can start with a + or a –
  –   I like the dashes more.
1.   Numbered lists too!
2.   Lots of lists
  >   Writer also supports quotes.
  >   But don’t quote me on that.

Updated : January 4, 2012
Size : 96kb
Current Version : 1.1
Requires Android : 2.1 and Above

Note: Files are currently stored stored in sdcard://Writer/.

Download Writer Apk from Play Store

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