Youtube adds custom blurring options for video editing


Youtube has added custom blurring function for videos editing. This new feature is obviously for video creators/content uploaders on Youtube.

Before now, a content creator would have to delete a video, re-edit, and the reupload the video to Youtube to add blur. Now you can save yourself all that stress by blurring whatever you want right on Youtube’s website.

So here is how it works: First, you choose the video you want to edit, click on the blurring effects tab under the enhancement tools, the custom blurring option should be staring at you. You then draw a box around whatever you want to blur – just like cropping an image, the custom blurring tool will automatically blur the object as it moves throughout the video.

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“At any time, you can move the blurred area, resize it and choose when the blur starts and stops. There is also a “Lock” option to blur something that doesn’t move at all. When you’re done making edits you can either save the changes as part of the same video or save a new copy, which also gives you the option to delete the original video.”


Custom blurring uses a new innovative technology that can analyze the motion of any video on the fly. Needless to say, ‘still’ images can be blurred as well.

YouTube noted that there are many ways to use the Custom Blurring feature, which was created with anonymity in mind. Therefore, the idea is that creators can easily blur faces, license plates, and other sensitive information in already uploaded footage.

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  1. This is actually not for me because I don’t create and upload videos on the YouTube. Nevertheless, it is a great development.

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