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Youtube, the free video sharing website, will soon join a host of other Video sites that have their videos in HDR quality. This announcement was made the CES, by YouTube’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl.  High Dynamic Range video (HDR) will provide a higher contrast ratio and wider range of colours. In lay terms, Videos on Youtube are going to be more colourful.

However, this feature can not be made use of with android phones, as they do not have the capacity to utilise Dobly Vision tech just yet. Mobile devices have nowhere near the brightness required to make full use of Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision encompasses a range between 0-10,000 nits and nature easily surpasses 15,000 nits.

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Youtube’s latest feature can be made use of with TV’s that has  HDR support such as; LG Television’s with 4K display and Laptops. Mobile users should be expecting their smartphones to support this feature soonest, as efforts are geared towards achieving it.


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  1. YouTube High Definition Range HDR video Is very good but the problem I always face here in Nigeria is the unavailability of good quality Network Signal for playing videos in HD

  2. With better quality output means better input. this will of course increase data usage especially in this part of the world where data is expensive and slow

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